Hi! My name is Dustin Stansbury. This blog is an attempt to distill some of the knowledge I’ve gained through my experiences as a former computational neursocientist and current data scientist.

The content of the blog will be posts about statistics, machine learning, analysis techniques, algorithms, theory–basically stuff that I find cool, exciting, or helpful.

I plan for a majority of posts to be based around a source code implementation of whatever it is I’m trying to explain (which can potentially be somewhat formal). I have found that making direct connections between theory and implementation is incredibly useful for gaining incite into technical concepts. Implementations are usually in python 3 because of its simple syntax and robust set of data science tools. However, I may sprinkle in some other examples in languages such as bash, SQL, Docker, etc. Some additional content will be modern pythonized posts from the original TheCleverMachine blog, which used MATLAB for demonstrations (ah, academia).

I hope that you find the blog useful, and any comments, suggestions, or suggested topics are welcome and greatly appreciated.